How To Choose A Healthy Takeout – Chinese Food

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Chinese cuisine has become very popular in a majority of countries in the world. However, it also has grown a bad reputation because it consists of a lot of fat, calories and sodium, which is in the sauces used to cook the dish. If you are body conscious and prefer to continuously eat healthy food you might it difficult to find the right healthy takeout of Chinese food. It’s ok if you splurge a little bit on fast food and forget about your diet plan. With a little bit of research and staring hard at the menu, you will be able to purchase a healthy takeout meal.

First step: Research

The first thing you should do is conducting a research about all the restaurants that are. You might come across fast food, ordinary and maybe a fine dining Chinese restaurant or two. Have a look at the menus of all the food outlets and you might find a few items that are similar or exactly alike. Always be on the lookout for dishes that are steamed, has plenty of vegetables or where you can choose alternatives. In certain outlets, they might offer you the healthy food option as many restaurants are now catering to those people who are health conscious. These items have low calories and are cooked in an improved manner.

Second Step: Soup

Almost all Chinese restaurants offer soups – so you should consider starting with one, which will help control, your appetite and the number of calorie you take in. many studies about food consumption has proved that having a soup containing low calories will help the consumer eat less. A small cup of soup is commonly one hundred calories and contains broth and vegetables. This dish however, contains a lot of sodium so try and stick to a low-sodium alternate.

Third step: Steamed items

Always choice steam dumplings Melbourne, meats and seafood over fried ones because this will automatically help you avoid consuming high calories and high fat. Avoid food that is described as crispy, deep-fried or pan-fried. Steamed rice contains less than one hundred calories whereas fried rice contains more. When it comes to the meat and seafood, there are low calorie alternates, which are quite delicious just like fried dishes. When ordering your cup of rice, ensure that you get brown rice, which has lower calories than white rice. The vegetables order must be steamed or boiled too. If you feel like you need sauces, you can always ask for it separately and then add a little bit when you are eating. A request can be made that less oil and salt are used when preparing the food too. It is not as difficult as you believe to find a healthy Chinese take out if you follow these tips.