Three Simple Ways Your Warehouse Can Go Green

Leading organizations around the world are changing the way they do things to become more “sustainable” and customers, suppliers, governments and communities are considering this quality as a criteria for benchmarking the overall performance of the organizations. Your warehouse facility is an establishment that is buzzing with the movement of materials, machinery, information and personnel all day every day, and such a facility is bound to have a considerable carbon footprint for itself along with a mega usage of power. In this article, we will look into a few ways in which you can convert your ordinary warehouse into a greener one, and bring your organization one step closer to becoming a fully sustainable business entity.

Greener, more energy efficient equipment
Much like in any warehouse, yours will also have a number of machinery and vehicles that operate on petroleum. Replacing such units with electrical substitutes such as electric pallet jack units is a great way to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the facility. Whatever machinery that has to be powered with fossil fuels must be replaced with better ones that will have a lower gallon per hour ratio.Pay a fair bit of attention to the durability of the machines as well because the maintenance of these can become a serious expense in the long-run. If the electric walkie stacker units begin to break down every now and then, although it will have no impact on the carbon footprint, it will considerably bring down the storehouse productivity, and that is not good news.

Green roofing
electric-pallet-jacksLeading warehouses around the world are replacing their traditional roofs with the green kind, that is capable of significantly reducing the carbon footprint, while also bringing down the electricity cost. The trick here is to either use smooth and shiny material for the roof or paint the roof with a bright, reflective paint. This way the sun’s heat will bounce off the roof surface rather than getting absorbed by it and getting radiated throughout the warehouse floor, which will put loads of pressure on the A/C machines and hence the electricity bill. Temperature inside a warehouse must be maintained at an ideal level at all times to bring out the best of the workforce and this task will become easier because of this modification.

Warehouses are establishments that create loads of waste material every day, particularly in the form cardboard, polythene, wood and plastic. If your storehouse hasn’t already implemented the eco-friendly practice of recycling these large volumes of wastes, make the change now. Landfill wastes volumes are increasing every year and it impacts the environment in many adverse ways. Sending the waste materials for recycling will help bring down these volumes and have a positive impact on the environment.