How To Decorate The Dining Table For A Dinner Party?

A dining table can be an inviting space for family get-togethers, for friends to gather around and share meals. If you are planning to throw a dinner party or just inviting a few friends for a meal at your house you need to know how to set the table properly. Setting the dining table can be a tricky endeavour because you need to know where to place the plates, the table mats, glasses and the silverware. Whether you prefer an extravagant or a simple look there are some steps that you might want to follow to make your table look fabulous.

Purchase table linens.
Table linens set the tone for a meal. Tablecloths are made of different fabrics and are available in different colours and sizes. Thus, you need to choose the table linens that match the décor of your house and the event you’re celebrating. Select branded tablecloths Sydney from a store. If it is a formal dinner or some other occasion pick a table cloth with hints of gold or silver to create an elegant look. If you, however, appreciate a modern style you can opt for an off-white or any other neutral colours. Pick matching cloth napkins to the table cloth you purchased. For a formal dinner setting, you should have purchased matching placemats for all the guests. Shop for a formal dinnerware, select plates and silverware that is appropriate to the occasion.

Setting the dinner table.
If you want to purchase several table cloths so that you can change them depending on the seasons. If it’s a casual dinner you can choose bright hues of blue and yellow or go for printed table cloths. If your table cloth has a pattern remember to select place mats that are a solid colour to ensure they don’t clash. When setting the table put one placemat in front of each chair. You can then set the table using the dinnerware that you purchased. Place the dinner plates in the middle of the placemats and the table napkins on the left side. Next place the knife and the spoon on the right side and the fork on the left side of the plate. Keep the water glass on the upper right side.

Table decorations.
You can use candles and flowers to decorate the dining table. Collect herbs such as rosemary, thyme or branches of ivy or other leaves to create a gorgeous centerpiece. You may also add tall candlesticks and pine cones that go with your chosen color theme. For more information, please click here.