Choosing The Best For The Little One

When your baby is not able to consume certain food groups you might become worried and find that they are even losing weight. Some babies have the natural tendency to reject certain food or nutrition groups for a while in their life. Some kids might just be intolerant to certain things. Whatever the case maybe you will not have to worry, there is always a substitute that is suitable and can be used safely for your kid. You should however speak with the doctors before you start something. Here are some of the issues and the solutions.

Lactose intolerance
Some babies can be lactose intolerant. This means that they are unable to consume anything that contains lactose a thus a replacement should be found. Sometimes if not most times, a baby with this issue will not be totally intolerant to lactose. They might be partially or mildly. In such cases they can have Goats milk formula instead of cow or mothers, as the latter two have more lactose than the other. There are also more benefits of this source as they are said to contain high levels of vitamins and minerals which will actually help the baby grow strong and healthy with no issues. So even if you are unable to breast feed your baby you should not worry too much as he or she is still getting some of the best nutrients available out there.

When they show no interest in solid meals
Some little ones have no interest in solid meals. They still like to consume milk all the way. Although this is not enough for their growth you can find some good standard that will be able to give them sufficient nutrients. While you are doubling up on this you sold somehow make them interesting in the solid food. You can try making interesting mixes that thy might be more likely to try or look for interest and healthy snacks that you can interest them with. With time they will soon want to have more solids as their appetite develops.

Getting them to eat vegetable mash
Vegetables are very important to be introduced to little ones as early as possible. When they start consuming solids it would be a good idea to introduce them to it. This way they will not only develop a pallet for it but will actually enjoy it. This should not be stopped. If you give fish and cheese to eat they are likely to want to eat them more than the vegetables. So start with the vegetables and then let them consume the more yummy ones so that they will have a liking for both. milk-for-bablu