5 Last Minute Tips To Help You Ace Your Finals

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‘Procrastination is the thief of time, collar him’. Wise words by Charles dickens that some of us rarely adhere to. Especially as students we tend to push off assignments and submissions until the very last minute. We can all relate to the lie that we’ve made every time we procrastinate that we would never push off tasks until the very last minute. Apparently, we all need an unbreakable vow when it comes to making a promise to finish the task as early as possible. But there are some Einstein’s who manage to ace their exams along with their bad habit of procrastinating. Yes, there’s a silver lining in dark times and you can manage to pass your finals even with few days to go. If you’re student who is lost and cannot bring back the time that you’ve wasted, here’s 5 last minute tips to bring your A game on.

Part ways with the electronic devices

This can be a difficult thing to do but if you really want to pass the exam you will have to switch off all distractions. That means toning down your notifications of the last night frat party and images. Every minute is important and this is why you need to make the most of it.

Look up online

Anything can be found on the internet and all you need to do is look up for online quizzes and questionnaires that can help you through to the finals. Fret not about the missing notes that you’ve just noticed, you can purchase cheap uni textbooks on the internet. This way you don’t have to wait for your fellow classmates to be done reading the notes for you to borrow them.

Focus on the main topics

Not all the paragraphs and sentences in your company accounting 11th edition are important. You can skip out the unnecessary paragraphs and focus on the math and balance sheets that you need to have practice on. Math is something you don’t have to memorize but you can work out on the formulas and the algebra to help you get familiarized with the theorems and the equations.

Make time for ‘you’

As much group study sessions are effective and fun, it’s important that you study separately when you have only few days for your exams. It can be distracting when your peers would want to focus on another subject while you struggle with chemical formulas and physics. Make this time alone and you can focus on the gray areas that you need to work on.

Rest well

Don’t drown in your books and study the notes 24/7 but make sure you have enough time to rest. Your body is basically a machine and it’s important that you give your brain sometime to rest so that you focus on other subjects. Don’t bite the whole meal, you will end up choking and your hunger will not be satiated.